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Ailz's Quiet Life - But a Happy One

I try to listen more than I talk

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28 August 1954
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So who am I?

I'm in my sixties, married to Poliphilo (Tony) - whose journal I would recommend to anyone. He also has one called Purchas, which is a set of four books about an immortal ragamuffin. I got Tony out of the local newspaper in 1991 after he put an ad in. I answered the ad on a Thursday, met him on Monday, moved in on Saturday, booked the wedding exactly a month after meeting and married exactly four months from meeting - on my birthday. He gifted me with 3 stepchildren - now grown up - who have enriched my life.

I've fibromyalgia and I'm disabled - I have mega panic attacks when left on my own for any length of time - and I panic at the simplest of things so Tony stays home as my carer.

Hobbies include sewing greeting cards, cross-stitch and blackwork, reading and Shakespeare.

I've been obese all my life - well since I had TB in my knee and my eye when I was 3. I've always 'wanted' to lose weight - now I'm doing something about it. For the first time ever my inner person seems to be slim and wants out!!

I love life and, thanks to Poliphilo, have now learned how to live it and enjoy it - and to like myself.

Poliphilo is not only a wonderful writer but a good human being - don't think he's perfect, he isn't but he is a warm, kind and generous soul.

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