craftyailz (craftyailz) wrote,

A whole new beginning

I've been chatting to people (especially heebiejeebie) about raw food and I'm going from feeling that I should do it because of health reasons to feeling that I can and want to do it. I desperately need some energy. I sleep long, long hours but the fibromyalgia means that I don't get the rest I need. I know that changes in diet can make a huge difference and having read the literature I know that raw vegetarian food can make the biggest difference, but knowing that doesn't necessarily make one want to eat that way. I had thought it would be boring but I've been assured, and convinced, that it needn't be.

Not only am I going to do this, but I'm going to enjoy it too.

We should have gone into Manchester today, hubby and I, to a movie but neither of us feel up to it, so we decided to conserve our energy for our holiday next week.
I reckon that in the main we're just set in our ways and a bit lazy. Tony sits at his computer and writes, either his journal or his latest novel and I sit in my work room making cards or playing card games on the computer and listening to the radio.

Yesterday I had a visit by a nice lady called Darryl from a volunteers group in Oldham offering a 'mentor' to take me out and about or, as I really want, to sit and natter to. It's the one thing I miss about working, I always worked in offices with lots of other people and chatted, argued and generally interacted with them. I'm too nosy to be alone for long.
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