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My life is just what I want. Yes I know I'm in pain - but the morphine helps, I take blood-pressure tablets and myriad other tablets every day yet I wouldn't swap places with anyone.

poliphilo my beloved husband is also my carer and is here with me (though usually in a different room) all the time.  I have 2 part time carers - Denise who takes me swimming and does some cleaning if I need her to (poliphilo  tries his best but imho men can't clean bathrooms) and Khadijah who sits and talks and takes me to her home where I get to play with her baby Aisha and her 2 older children Faizan and Faiza and to eat wonderful authentic curries.

I have 3 step-children whom I adore alice_g  and manfalling and the youngest Joe who is in the British Army, a brother and sister-in-law & family I'm close to.  I could ask for nothing more.  I worry that I have too much and am heading for a fall, but I'll enjoy what I've got whilst I've got it!!

And my Gods - Hermes, Aphrodite, Minerva, Hephaestus, Pan, the Morrigan, Hertha - and the first Goddess who accepted me - Baubo - the laughing crone whose genitals were such that when she showed them to a mourning Demeter they made her laugh.  Without my Gods I would have nothing and be nothing. 

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