craftyailz (craftyailz) wrote,

Paying it forward

Tony ( poliphilo ) will be 66 tomorrow. We've been together since the end of April 1991 and I've learnt a lot from him over the years.
How to deal with children - his - as I'd never had to share space with any before I met him, is one of the most important, it has also made interacting with grandchildren - both by his children and Odi's 3 much more magical and fun.

One of his things is that if someone disses you, let it drop, don't play it forward. You don't know why they've done it - or even whether it is anything to do with you. Look at them with friendship and caring.

He does it all the time - I find it harder.

Ive also learnt to be me - and learnt who I am.

Happy Birthday poliphilo. Thank you xx
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