craftyailz (craftyailz) wrote,


I find it odd - if I went into a bookshop, picked up a book and left it would be stealing. Yet a lot of people - some of whom I'm related to - don't think that taking a book from the internet is stealing. I only really thought about it once I started reading e-books from the library. So many of them were unavailable - out in other words - when the library buys the e-book that's just what it buys 1 book.

I expect it means something to me as several members of the other side of my family write, publish and sell books - and try to make a little profit at it. Very few writers get huge advances, but even if they do should we feel entitled to 'steal' it when we want to read it - we all pass books from one to another, but downloading a whole load of books just seems wrong to me.
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