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I've not posted for a long, long time.  

I've managed to lose 20 kilos (40+ lbs) in the last 8 months.  This is after getting rid of my smaller clothes because I thought I'd never lose weight again and was happy to just maintain my weight and be careful not to put any on.  It's helped my mobility a little - I stand straighter, but I don't have much more energy because of the Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

So what happened?

Early 2011 my doctor gave me a different anti-depressant for my fibromyalgia.  I had been on one which affected my Seratonin uptake, but this one (Cymbalta) affected another neurotransmitter as well.  The effect was amazing.  The fibro fog lifted, and for the first time in a couple of years I could think, a little, for myself.  At the same time the doctor told me that my blood sugar control was in danger of running away and he would give me a couple of months to see if I could sort it out and if not he'd put me on another tablet.

This led me to researching type 2 diabetes, in a way that I hadn't researched anything for a while.  I 'discovered' something that I'd known for 30+ years - carbohydrates turn to glucose when digested.  I decided that I would cut back on carbohydrate.  Continuing to read around the subject I also came off my statins - to begin with without my doctor's agreement, but after looking at his patients' ratio of cholesterol to age, he is now happy with me.  I read and William Banting's "Letter on Corpulance",  which led me to other sites and so on.

My blood sugar came down - and surprisingly enough - so did my weight.  I gave up: bread, rice, potatoes, root vegetables, pasta and flour.  I've been amazed - I've gone from someone who could eat an enormous meal and feel hungry - although knowing I couldn't be - within half an hour of it; to someone who rarely feels very hungry and I find my meals satisfying and enjoyable.  The thing with dieting, for me at least, was always the ratio of hunger to weight loss.  

I don't struggle to stay low carb.  But this weekend we were away in York.  I decided that it would be easier - and more enjoyable - to have a couple of days eating the same as Tony and Ruth.  It was a mistake.  Not only did I put on 3 kilos - 1 thankfully gone already - but I felt ill.  I used to have stomach ache all the time and reflux/heartburn at night.  It's only getting them back that made me realise that I've not had either since I went low carb.  I've learnt my lesson - I still have more weight to lose - my blood sugar is at 'non-diabetic'  levels - and my health has improved - so low carb it is from now on.

My doctor was really pleased last time I went as I am now Overweight rather than Obese - probably for the first time since I was about 5 years old.  I actually weigh less than I did in 1976 .  So - onwards and downwards.

I eat 60% fat, 25% protein and 15% carbohydrates approx.

Breakfast - often peanut butter - about 100 grams (4 oz).  Or cheese and cooked meats

Lunch -      meat/poultry/fish/eggs/cheese  & green veg or cauliflower cheese or bacon and eggs. + an apple

Evening -    Prune protein drink made with whey powder or an omelette or prunes and nuts.

I'm a prune addict.  I get through lots of them.

If I'm hungry I eat almonds or Brazil nuts.  I try to drink about 2 litres of fluid - mainly water.


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