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Tim Henman - Success ...So Far

 poliphilo  & I've just been watching Tin Henman at the French Open.  He won - convincingly over a young Argentinian Juan Ignacio Chela.  Since taking on Pete Sampras's old coach Paul Annacone, who has been working with the British No1 since last autumn, he seems more settled with his game - and happier to play his own game.  It was a joy to watch.</font>

In the past he's got so close and then blown it, maybe with nerves or adrenalin - but definitely blown it.  Today in the last game of the 3rd set he was down 30-love but pulled himself together and just blew Chela away.  Chela who is supposed to be a clay court specialist.

Now it's on to the semi's.  The furthest an English man has got for almost 3 decades - Go Timbo Go.

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