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Shut in

It's not that I've anywhere I want to go, but, because I can't get out - even though I wouldn't want to if I could - I'm feeling shut in and a bit stir crazy.  Stupid really.  We should have hosted the Chadwick family party (my side) on Saturday but couldn't because of the weather.  This has left us eating potato hash (with real beef not corned beef) for several meals and my poor parents having to eat a huge trifle - they were bringing to the party.  My mum also had to eat a large amount of prawns she'd defrosted for the salmon en croute.

I thought I would take some pictures of the view from our windows.  poliphilo  is the talented photo taker in our family, but he doesn't seem to be able to be bothered so here's mine:

  a close up of the chain link fence at the back.

my poor buried car (the blue one).

my lift - only worked for about a dozen times in the last year!

The one thing these photos don't show is that it is still snowing.  And the papers are warning that we could be short of Gas soon due to all the extra being used.
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