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My friend Khadijah is Pakistani born and her husband is English - white english - who was already a moslem when she met him. He says he is a revert not a convert which sounded strange at first. They live in an area which is nearly all people of Pakistani extraction. He used to go to Mosque but apparently people were unfriendly to him and they suffer quite a lot of abuse from people round about. I would have thought that the Moslem community would be proud to have converted (reverted) a white person, but he is looked down on and as the men walk along shaking hands with everyone he is often ignored. Like he says he's getting mad about it now. Mad with the people that is. Nothing shakes his faith in Allah. Strangely for a man of about 38 he is also a 1950's freak. They have 2 houses - the one they live in will be demolished in a couple of years - and in the one they don't live in he has it furnished 50s style. Khadijah took me round there the other day and showed it to me. He is a real Elvis freak. He buys vintage clothes from America, has a 50s hairstyle and his house even has a 50s style home bar - even though neither of them drink. It seemed strange.  poliphilo  &  I were born in the 50s and neither of us are drawn to the era, yet a man who wasn't even born then is crazy about them.
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