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Sleeping - or not as the case may be

My other half

poliphilo  has been quite poorly this week.  So bad in fact that on Thursday he came to bed early; Friday he spent most of the day in bed and again last night he came to bed when I did at 9pm.


Partly because of worrying about him I haven't slept well myself.  I often don't these days and spend quite a bit of time listening to him snore - or just stop breathing at times - during the night. 

I try to sneak up on sleep.  I've got into the habit of going to bed very early - often as early as 7pm - often I read.  I don't read any new books in an evening, at the moment I'm reading through the works of Charles Dickens, though sometimes I'll read a magazine - short stories are fine.  If I start a new book I know that I'll want to finish it before I sleep.  So I read for an hour or so; perhaps have a cup of cocoa.  I'll have had my tablets - 120mg dihydracodeine, 2 paracetamol, a statin, 75mg aspirin, quinine, citalopram and metformin after my evening meal and usually after a couple of hours I start to nod off.

This last few days it's been up to bed, light off, sleep - and it doesn't work for me.  Last night I ended up having about a pint of Ginger Beer - a nice sweet soda - in the hope that the sugar would knock me out.  I should have had a nice strong cup of coffee - that usually works better.

Anyway [info]poliphilo is feeling much better (thankfully - I don't funtion well without him), I've just had my tablets and now I'm off o sneak up on sleep

Goodnight all - sweet dreams


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