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Flaming Computer

Another evening spent trying to sort out Khadijah's computer.  I used the recovery disc and took it back to the beginning - we tried to dopy to cd Abdullah's 300 record covers but it wouldn't finish the job (as usual) .

The recovery seems to have worked but when I tried to reinstall the McAfee Virus Scan it wouldn't do it.  I contacted their live help and in the end he suggested I contact Customer Services - which I did by sending an email.

The only thing I can think of doing is to use the 30 day money back guarantee and cancel the subscription and to start again, perhaps with McAfee or perhaps with Norton.  I'm not sure if there is much difference.  I've used McAfee for about 4 years and it seems okay.

Yesterday  poliphilo  came with me and spent some happy time playing with Khadijah's baby Aisha - she's 6 months old and a happy baby - at one point he was sat on the floor with her singing "Row, row, row the boat" and doing the actions and Aisha was giggling away.

I'm not doing very well with the raw eating.  Mainly I haven't got the energy to think of what to eat.  I just take some sprouted bread and sprouts or eat what  poliphilo  cooks.  I am eating plenty of fruit though.

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