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Would you really eat my pet?

I've been learning a lot about eating from Ourdert who comes from Cameroon.  Being fat is a sign of someone who can afford to eat plenty everyday - most people struggle to find enough food so they are relatively rare. 

She eyed our rabbits with horror at first - remember that she's been here less than a year.  To keep an animal - pretty well any animal - without thinking about eating it is odd to her.  She's eaten dog - very sweet meat she says. 

She thought our bird feeder was a bird catcher - even something as small as a blue tit, she reckons, would tase good 'just slit open the stomach and add a chilli and put it on the fire to cook.

The ducks and geese in the park also amazed her - if they were in Cameroon people would catch them and eat them, the idea of taking bread and such and feeding them amazed her.  She wastes nothing, throwing away food is not possible.  She cooks chicken gizzards as a treat (In Cameroon if you kill a chicken you have to give the gizzard to an old man - and if you see an old man fall over and he knows you've seen him then you have to give him a chicken!). 

When they were given a house here, they were given a box of 'necessary' items - tea, coffe, milk and sugar - they'd have been better with a pack of rice.  Tea and coffee are a luxury that they are only now acquiring - a cup of tea, with sugar, and bread and butter is a very luxurious breakfast.

We're not bad at not throwing away food, but since meeting Ourdert I'm much more concious of the amount of food that we do waste.
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