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How do you know when it's going to be a bad day?

For me today:

Come down stairs to be met by poliphilo  and being told 'the computer isn't working I can't get on the internet - I bet, this is because you made me turn it all off at the wall!'

Check, re-boot it, ring NTL. A very nice young man, congratulates me on how well I know my modem (he wants to try living here) and spends 10 minutes 'talking' to it until it replies. 

All is well. 

20 minutes later I get told 'the internet is going too slow I can't get on anything - I bet turning the modem off at night causes that'. 

Re-boot the modem, ring NTL. A very nice young man (another one) checks it and tells me that the modem isn't replying properly - sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. May be a problem in the area, but no-one else has reported it, so he'll send and engineer - tomorrow! I ask and no turning it off at night should make no difference.

I go to my parent's for lunch leaving a sulky poliphilowith no internet connection.  After being at my parent's for half an hour, get a joyous phone call - Internet working. 

Then when I get home it isn't working again - and now it's back.

He has apologised for being a pain though. 

He's lovely when he's sulky!!


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