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Time Out

I was going absolutely stir-crazy this morning.  The nurse came and dressed my wound and then as it was a bright sunny day I just wanted to get out of the house.  I suggested to poliphilo  that we go out somewhere and he picked up his camera, put on his shoes, cleaned his teeth and we were off.  We went over to Yorkshire, in all we travelled about 50 miles, round trip, through some rugged and bleak countryside.

These are the pennines - rough grass, sheep country

as you can tell by the one wandering down the road!


This was Slaithwaite (pronounced slowit) where I stopped for a coffee in the narrow boat

This is the inside of it:

the business end

and finally a nice plate of Slaithwaite - sorry about the missing top


What does this rabbit think he's doing?

- other than eating her face that is

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