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I've been having a wonderful time over the last few days, jubal51394  sent me an online jigsaw and I have been obsessively doing them ever since.  It's good fun - if you want to try it then go to but be warned they're addictive.  i managed to drag myself away long enough to finish this month's essays - I've finished my mini course and am just waiting for my result now - and I've done an essay entitled:  'In patriarchal society, "femininity" involves playing a series of roles.'  Discuss with reference to A Doll's House.  I need to spend less time on these essays.  I get into an absolute panic knowing that I can't do them and slowly, after a couple of nights with dreams about the information I needed I do it.  This is my first one without any real help from poliphilo he read it through, checked for punctuation and tense and told me if I was wandering off track - oh and of course lots of support and coffee.  He's convinced I can pass this course even if I'm not.  He's a real bonus I don't know where I'd be without him.  *shudder* 
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