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Out to Lunch

We've been our to lunch today with a couple who are probably our oldest - and only - friends (other than family & carers).  We usually meet up 4 or 5 times a year - in winter at our house, in summer at theirs.  For the last few years we've got a train into Manchester Victoria and Martin has driven in - about 15 minutes each way - to pick us up and then taken us back around 5 ish.  They come to us in an evening, but it's acknowledged that I'm better being out and about during the day.

We sat in their garden and talked about lj, and our friends on lj, learning to speak Anglo-Saxon - Martin is a Heathen, and craft working - with material - felt making, dying, oh all sorts of stuff with Margo.  It was a really good afternoon.  And of course thanks to halfmoon-jj we were able to drive ourselves over to their house and back again.  Although on the way home the back bit of our exhaust fell off (doh!) so I'll have to go and get that sorted early next week.



Margo - the bottle is Grape juice

My attempt to do an 'arty' picture


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