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Gender on the Agenda

My essay this month is about 'The Presentation of Women's relationships in The Color Purple and A Jury of Her Peers, because the block we are doing is Literature and Gender and we have to read with Gender on the Agenda which is a stupid term.  I found The Color Purple interesting but a bit too much of a fairy story where everything comes right for everyone (even Sophia up to a point).  I found the writings by Nettie in Africa a bit weak and  naive, but interesting for all that.  i was amazed to find that one person doing the course (we have the chance to talk to one another via the OU website) found the book disgusting and vomit worthy and was refusing to read it.  I said about this in class and an Irish lady probably in her 30's said that she found it offensive and that there were certain parts in it that she would never speak or write about.  Whether this was the religion or the lesbianism I didn't find out, but I was shocked that in this day and age someone should be so affected by it.  I warned her not to read Tasha's Story.

I know that Alice Walker sees The Color Purple as a theological book 'examining the journey from the religious back to the spiritual' and I wonder whether, having done this journey myself, makes the idea seem less extraordinary. 

Anyway I'm struggling something awful with the essay!!


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