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I've just been reading the journal of someone I would class as a good friend - I won't give her name as she is a very private person. It was about falling in love every time you see your partner/spouse and I know just what she means. Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by my feelings for poliphilo  - I look at him and it just takes my breath away.  I admit that the idea of growing old and 'losing' the sexual part of our relationship depresses me, so imagine how much I enjoyed listening to an 'old' couple (she was 87 and he was older) on the radio saying how they still made love at least once a week.  She put it more as a 'use it or lose it' function.   I remember my ex-husband's Great Aunt Florrie telling me how she'd been to the doctor and asked him to give Uncle Arthur something to 'calm him down' as he'd started with the wandering hands in bed.  The doctor told her she should be grateful at 90 that he was still interested!

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