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Went out to friends at Chorlton on Saturday. Had a nice lunch and then walked to the Unicorn Co-operative which is close to them (about 1/4 mile). We don't have any organic/raw/healthy food shop near to us so it was a real treat. We then walked back to their house and on to a little deli for coffee. They returned us to Victoria Station in Manchester and for once I climbed the stairs instead of using the lift. When we got off the train in Oldham I walked the half a mile or so home.

Yesterday I spent most of the day in bed, aching, but happy. Then Khalija rang and invited me round to her place and came for me. Her 2 children (12 & 10) wanted to make pizza and so we dined on pizza & chips - both pizzas were awful but they were praised fulsomely - don't want to put them off. It's strange but I expected to get fed curry, but apparently if the kids hadn't offered to make the pizza we would have been having a stir-fry.

Today I'm up early again because of the pain in my back - but at least I earned it!
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