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What fun we had today

As usual on Saturday we went into Manchester for lunch.  Today we not only took pictures but they turned out too!

The Restaurant is called the Shalimar and anybody who likes Indian Food who comes to Manchester (UK) should visit it - in fact let us know and we'll see you there.

When I get chance I'll scan the menu and show you what you're missing! 

This is Ali our amazing waiter.  Very polite always answers "You're very welcome" when you say thank you to him

You can see a lot of the restaurant in the background - complete with garlands

And this is Sajeed - the boss

The first thing we have when we go in is a popadom with Red Pickle, Onions, Mango Chutney & yogurt with mint in called, I think, Raita

And did you notice the blue rose in the centre of the table - just in case you missed it...

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