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Spring has Sprung

We went into Manchester for lunch as we usually do on Saturday and for the first time quite a few of the blossom trees in Oldham were coming into bloom.  During the 2nd world war a question was asked in the House of Commons regarding fuel allowances saying that as Oldham was the highest town in the country shouldn't they get more fuel allowance than anyone else - I don't think it was agreed upon, but it explains why we're always behind places, like Manchester - which is only 8 miles away - with Spring and also why our trees lose their leaves earlier.  It's even more different going to see poliphilo 's mother who lives about 230 miles away in Kent. 

I'm still wrapped up in my warm coat but I've progressed to wearing a skirt - and on the way home - after the wind had dropped, I took off the fake fur collar on my coat.

You can only just see the blossom starting on these trees, they are on one of the high points of Oldham

This I think is the same type of tree as in the previous picture, but in the centre of Manchester where it was at least 5 degrees warmer.

No pictures of poliphilo today - he managed to avoid having his picture taken somehow.

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