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Today's Food

I've not got very far with reading all the entries on my friend's list. I'm working forward - I only had to go back 575 entries! It's going to take me a couple of days, so I'm going to read today's entries after writing this.

We went into Manchester for lunch - as usual on a Saturday - and to the Silverlode where we buy my jewellry from - they're closing down at the end of April and have a sale on. We bought 2 rings and 2 pairs of earrings. One ring and 1 set of earrings were 40% off and the others 15% off.  One thing poliphilo  never minds buying is jewellry, yet he doesn't like to wear any - he has 2 rings, his wedding ring and a garnet set in silver, both of which he now wears on his little finger (even though the wedding ring is too big for it) and he's not interested in any more.  Yet he loves buying it for me - aren't I lucky!

Breakfast:  porridge with protein powder and 1.5 teaspoons sugar

Lunch:  Special kebab on nan bread, 1/3 jug pineapple lassi, cake in M&S

Evening:  3 pieces tandoori chicken & a sheik kebab left from lunch, 1 fruit yogurt & a kinder egg.

Drinks:  4 large decaf coffees, 1 large latte

Not only the new jewellry but look at those nails - I'm taking vitamin c & looking after them and they're coming along a treat.


poliphilo  was his usual chatty self on the train

Mother nature will take back any space we let her - this is growing in the join of the ledge and the wall close to the roof


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