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I'm back

Hello to all my friends,

I said that I would post while away but I had very little opportunity.    We were busy most of the time and when we weren't poliphilo  was usually using the computer.  I had more opportunity when we were at his mother's but felt that one of us should keep her company - plus I was reading a very fat book.  So I'm now going to start reading all your entries for the last week and a half, if I make a comment which is way out of date - or you've changed your mind since then - forgive me, please.  Anyway it's good to be back.

Me reading one of my sister-in-law Jenny's books at her house.

A bad hair day, I think

too cute to miss out

poliphilo  is such good company when travelling

If you check out poliphilo 's entry for yesterday you'll find pictures of where we went to visit while in Kent - <a href="">here</a>

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