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The best Indian Restaurant in the area

Since I started my OU course we've been going on Saturday's for lunch at an Indian Restaurant in the Arndale area of Manchester.  It's a strange little place.  Part kebab/pizza house, part restaurant selling a mixture of Turkish and Indian food - I posted about it last week.  This week, as usual, we went for lunch - although we had no other real reason for going to Manchester and I managed to get some pictures of just how seedy it is - in the nicest possible way:

With Fairy Lights & Decorations - all year round


poliphilo  at ease and waiting for his lunch.

Below is a walkway between marks & Spencer and the Arndale Centre.  The original was blown to smithereens by the IRA bomb - which was left about 100 feet down the road from here - strange but they did us a big favour blowing up this bit of Manchester!

When I was a child we used to have plastic windmills like the ones below - these, I believe, blow air into the underground car park below M & S, they are about 10 of them all turning sedately

And finally...

I was sitting outside Oldham Mumps railway station (while poliphilo went inside to buy tickets - there were no trains we had to travel by replacement bus - and we must have been the only people who actually went and bought a ticket - most stations are unmanned and you can only buy a ticket on the train - no train - no ticket sales - no need to pay - but poliphilo  being so honest it's unbelievable said he would have felt 'bad' if we didn't pay!!) and as it was such a beautiful day I thought I'd take a picture of the view directly in front of me:

Once the trees are out B & Q won't show up at all.

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