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Today's Food

I'm off to bed soon. I've got pmt and am feeling very panicky and jumpy. I'm 50 now you'd think all this would be coming to an end - but there again as I'm infertile god only knows what my innards are going to do - they've never done the 'proper thing' yet. Perhaps I'll never hit a menopause - what an evil thought! I'm not going to be using my computer much over the next few days. I need to do some serious studying. At the moment when I get up in the morning - on my way to the bathroom I switch on my computer and then poliphilo 's and they then stay on, internet ready until we go to bed at night - and we both spend most of our days in our individual computer rooms.  I end up playing games or looking up words and then surfing or shopping or whatever - anything rather than study.  So I'm not going to be turning it on first thing. 

Breakfast:  Porridge with protein powder & 1.5 tsp sugar

Lunch:  Barbecue salmon in a hot spice - dry as anything - and salad, strawberries & yogurt, kinder egg.

Evening:  4 rashers veggie bacon on an oven bottom muffin.  Fruitini peaches.

Drinks:  3 large decaf coffees 3/4 pint slimline tonic 1pint iced water.

Speak to you all very soon...


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