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Today's Food

I've been very good today and done some more studying on Frankenstein I've typed up my notes from the tutorial last week and I persuaded  poliphilo  to do his (though I resent the idea that I marched in and told him to do them - I more glided quietly in and, handing him his notebook, begged him gently if he would help me by doing them ! - lol).  I've very nearly finished Frankenstein stuff for now - I might be able to stay awake for Great Expectations this week - until the dreaded essay.  I'm going to start writing little health prompts at the end of my food updates just so that I know where I am.  I'll put them behind a cut so that no-one else needs to read them - I'm bored with me going on about my health never mind how the rest of you must feel.


Breakfast:  porridge, protein powder & 1.5 tsp sugar.

Lunch:  cooked ham,  2 pineapple rings &salad, cherry yogurt.

Evening:  chicken breast, potato salad, pineapple, 3 oatcakes, strawberries & yogurt.

Snacks:  smoked salmon & a mini pepperoni stick.

Drinks:  1 large herbal tea, 1 decaf filter coffee, 1 large decaf, 3/4 pint slimline tonic water, 1 liter of iced water.


I'm still not sleeping very well because of my hips, I try putting a pillow between my knees after a few hours and it helps for a few hours more.  I've started having to take extra oral morphine in the night - 10 mls = 20 g last night and 15mls = 30 g during the day yesterday.

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