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I've had a nice quiet day today. a day out like yesterday - especially with an early (for me) start - we left home at 8.30am tires me out and I've got to be over it by tomorrow as I'm going to see a Cheartered Physiotherapist on a hospital referral about having more steroid injections - I'm going to settle for my hips again but I think I could do with them starting at my neck and just carrying on going until I register full.

Breakfast: Porridge with protein powder & 2 teaspoons sugar.

Lunch: Chicken, savoy cabbage & gravy, strawberries & yogurt

Snack: Chicken

Evening: cottage cheese with pineapple & mandarin oranges & oatcakes (3 with edam cheese on, blackberry yogurt.

Drinks: 3 large decaf coffees 1/2 pint slimline tonic, 1.5 pints iced water.
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