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Today's Food

I decided when I got up this morning that I was going to spend the day reclining on the bed reading Frankenstein. I just felt it was going to be 'one of those days' healthwise. Instead of which I've sat around doing not very much - all because I've had too much energy to just go back to sleep or lie still & read. Before the Zone sleeping most of the day would have been no problem.

Breakfast: Porridge with 20 g protein powder added (& 1.5 tsp sugar)

Lunch: veggie sausage, veggie bacon & egg, with 2 slices white bread, mandarins in jelly.

Evening: 1 cup cottage cheese with 1 cup pineapple & 1 mandarin orange, strawberries & yogurt.

Snacks: smoked salmon, cheese & (of course) a kinder egg.

Drinks: 5 large (3/4 pint) cups of decaf coffee, 1/2 pint slimline tonic. 1 pint iced water.
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