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I know some people will pick me up on my use of the word 'coloureds'. I'm not trying to be offensive - it is the common term in this area. But I do have a problem here - I won't call the Asians asians as a lot of them were born here and will say that they are British, yet I want to be able to differentiate. I hate being called white - to me the British National Party and the National Front talk about White Supremacy and being White. So I don't really know what to call myself or anyone else.

I hate forms which ask which ethnic group you are in. I don't see why they should need to know.

Perhaps we should be pinks and browns, but it's still a label. We can talk about ourselves, our community and our friends in a descriptive way without labels. When you're trying to describe a situation to others, like I was earlier, when talking about Oldham, how do you do it without using terms which someone will, quite rightly, find offensive.

How do you describe yourself and the other ethnic groups around you?

Especially since the riots I have wanted to be able to communicate with my, mainly, Asian (see there it is again) neighbours and they don't speak much English - well the women anyway, who are the ones I'd like to get to know. We went to a Pro-Oldham campaign group who talked about getting the unions and government involved in pro-integration action, but no-one had ideas of how to talk to 'the other'.

This is one reason why I'm so happy to have Kadijah as a friend. I miss female company. She will be here shortly. I think I'll ask her about the labels - there is this worry about offending people or even worse hurting them.
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