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Yesterday's food

I went to the doctors yesterday morning for some blood test results. I didn't see my usual doctor who is a locum, but the permanent doctor on the practice. He's either Austrian or German we decided and is a very nice person. He told me off for not exercising more - I need to go back to swimming 3 times a week, but with no breaststroke which unfortunately is the only stroke I do (except backstroke). I need to lose 3 stone - I said 4 but he said 3. He checked my blood pressure, my feet and my eyes. He'd have liked to have dilated my eyes but I explained about the high pressure. He also does steroid injections - but not in the hip - which is where I'm desperate for injections. He's referring me for the injections and I had to do a urine sample. He did all this would good humour - even the 'telling off' made me smile. My other doctor is good but has no 'people' skills - I think I'll go to Dr. Iserloh in the future.

Breakfast: 3 rashers soya bacon, cottage cheese.

Snack: Pain au raisin

Lunch: Salmon steak, yogurt & mandring orange.

Evening: 3 links sausages, 1 egg, baked beans. yogurt & pineapple

Snack: Cheese.

Drinks: 1 large latte, 2 large herbal teas, 1 large decaf with milk, 1 small filter decaf, 1 pint iced water.
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