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Today's food

i have a real sense of deja-vu here. I've already written this post once and then my mouse stopped working. I could see the pointer on the screen but couldn't get it to do anything. The only way out was to close down - and lose the posting.


I've decided to get my driving licence back. I surrendered it voluntarily over 6 years ago, when I felt that I wasn't up to driving safely - that my reflexes were too slow and my joints too stiff. At that time I thought I had rheumatism and arthritis which would only get worse. Now I discover that I have Fibromyalgia - which is chronic but not degenerative. I rang the DVLA to ask and they are quite happy to return my licence - no need for them to check my medical condition or anything - fibro just doesn't seem to count.

We won't be buying a car - poliphilo doesn't rate cars very highly, but I'll be able to drive my dad's - he put me on the insurance today - and we'll hire one sometimes (so poliphilo says at the moment but we'll see).

It's frightening really that they'll give me my licence back just like that - I don't have to prove I can still drive or anything. As soon as I put the form in the post I'm allowed to take a car out on my own. I'm going to restrict myself to automatic cars with power assisted steering - my father's micra fits the bill beautifully.

Breakfast: 100g soy link sausages, strawberries, yogurt

Lunch: aubergine & potato in cheese, tomato & onion sauce, with fromage frais & egg topping.

Evening: 4 rashers soy bacon, 1 egg, 1 slice bread, small tub peach & apple compote with plain yogurt.

Snacks: cheese, kinder egg.

Drinks: 1 latte with decaf coffee 1 ordinary coffee, 1 pint slimline tonic water, 1.5 pints iced water.

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