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A time for Everything

Well here I am blogging. Until about 3 weeks ago I'd never heard of it, but now I've taken a very deep breath and am going to give it a go.

But what to talk about? I'm not a very exciting person in fact I sit around most of the time making cards. I put my cards on auction sites (ebay and ebid) and after not selling many for a year or so decided I needed a new hobby so started beading. As soon as I did my cards started selling and from 2 over the last 4 months I went to 68 in a couple of weeks, which not only took all my stock of some cards, but I realised that I was selling cards I hadn't got and had to start beavering away.

I have fibromyalgia which among other things means that I have a problem with the really deep rem sleep, I don't do much of it and dream nearly all the time. I can never remember my dreams but this last week or so I've had odd images haunting me and it is so frustrating. There is an open window through which a country road can be seen and I know that part of a bed and a dressing gown have gone through it onto the road and then I can see the dressing gown (mine as it happens) being crumpled into a ball and thrown on the fire, to which I think that I'll have to dig out the spare, weird.
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