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Today's food

I've just been onto the Zone diet website where I posted an unhappy posting about Dr Sears this morning - he reckons I should be buying his fish oil capsules as they are pure and a lot of the others are contaminated and doing more harm than good - so I went to buy them - at a cost for capsules alone of $50 per month to find that as I don't live in the States I can't buy through the website. Apparently I have to send them an email or phone them (from the UK) to place the order - giving credit card details - in an email? - over an international line? - Can you imagine my credit card providers response if anything went wrong? They certainly wouldn't honour the amount - whatever it was - that someone was able to fraud from my card. Also the minimum shipping charge they give is through UPS and is another $50 plus $3 handling. No I don't think that $3 handling is much at all - in that they are underselling themselves I just don't think that they've pushed UPS for anything except their most expensive price list.

I place orders for vitamins regularly to (I recommend them) and never pay that much for shipping - through UPS. Why can't he just do like the Atkins people and arrange to sell the goods over here. This small world just got bigger.

Rant over - I've had a fun day really. I went into Oldham alone while poliphilo took himself off into Manchester to get his Holga film developed. A couple of days ago I bid £0.50 for a Chinese plastic camera on ebid - and won it - including p&p it cost me £2.25 about $1.28 which takes a 35mm film so he's trying that one out this weekend.

Then Khadijah came round and we finalized her assignment. So all in all a good day.

Breakfast: Chicken breast, strawberries

Lunch: bacon, sausage & baked beans

Evening: Chicken breast, kinder egg.

Snack: cheese

Drinks: 1 large herbal tea, 3 'normal' coffees 2 decaf coffees, 1/2 pint slimline tonic water, 1 pint iced water.

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