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Today's food

It's been quite a busy day today. First thing this morning I went for a fasting blood test. I dediced to take 100 grams of cooked veggie sausages with me so I cooked them before I went, wrapped them in kitchen towl and put them in my pocket. And the smell - after being up for over 3 hours and not having eaten - was painful. I sat in the doctors waiting room for 3/4 hour queuing with this smell of hot sausages wafting up at me. - Boy did I enjoy them when I came out of the surgery.

After I returned home we were talking about going shopping tomorrow at Sainsbury's poliphilo didn't like to trust my electric wheelchair to go there and back without re-charging. But then we realised that the new toilet & sink are being delivered sometime tomorrow and, of course, I see my parents on a Thursday, so we decided to take the pusher wheelchair and go this morning.

Oldham town centre is at the top of a hill - we live a mile away - down the hill and Sainsbury's is in the town centre. poliphilo can't push me up or down hills so I did quite a lot of walking - all the way home so that the shopping bags could ride.

This evening I've been shattered, but happily so.

Breakfast: 3 veggie sausages, 1 apple

Snack: 2 rashers back bacon

Lunch: 120 grams chicken, 1 kinder egg

Evening: 120 grams chicken, strawberries & yogurt.

Snack: chicken & 2 very small mandarin oranges.

Drinks: 1 large herbal tea, 1 coffee, 1.5 liters of iced water, 1 pint slimline tonic water.
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