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Today's food

I went shopping with my parents this morning. We need a new toilet and sink for the bathroom - poliphilo decorated in their before Xmas and I'd like to get it finished. In a way I was surprised that you have to buy both the toilet seat and the taps separately.

Whilst I was there I saw a nice stainless steel towel rail type radiator which I've been wanting reduced to £85 including the valves, so I bought it. Poor poliphilo spent several hours on his knees last week de-rusting our bathroom radiator & we've got white radiator paint, but I think that the new one will just finish it off nicely (well, when we do the gloss painting too).

My mother has become very fussy. When my dad suggested going to a cafe where the toilets were on a different floor she panicked and said that I wouldn't be able to manage, but I assured her I could. She had thought that as I wasn't taking my wheelchair I'd have to link both of them and they'd have to keep me up. Now I'm no lightweight (as you can tell from the photo0 and my parents are both mid-seventies and quite frail. Also I'm 5ft 7 inches and mum is 4ft 11 inches. But it was nice that they were happy to take me even thinking this.

Breakfast: 20grams protein powder, strawberries, blueberries.

Snack: A warm danish pastry.

Lunch: Same quorn, onions and mushroom from yesterday.

Evening: Salmon steak with pineapple rings.

Snack: Edam cheese & an orange.

Drinks: 1 cup of coffee, 3 large herbal teas, 1 pint slimline tonic water, 1 pint iced water.

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