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Today's food

We had an absolute corker of a row this morning. It is very rare that things kick off the way they do. Whilst it was going on - because I told him I was too busy to hug him - poliphilo walked out of the kitchen carrying his breakfast to go upstairs to his computer. This for me was the last straw. At the time I was drying a glass lid to a casserole dish that we use nearly all the time - I couldn't help it I threw it down the corridor that he had vacated (he was part way up the stairs). His reaction was to say "that's a pity" which just made it worse. I replied "not really because the f****ing dish followed it" and threw the casserole dish after the lid.

Doesn't glass go a long way? The corridor is floored with 100 year old stone tiles, the stuff exploded and went everywhere.

We're over it now, though we're both still a bit shakey and I've had a terrible headache all day - I always do when I cry - some would say it serves me right.

Breakfast: 20 grams protein powder, strawberries, 3 macedamia nuts.

Lunch: Quorn, mushrooms & onions in pepper gravy & cauliflower

Evening: Quorn, mushrooms & onions in pepper gravy.

Snack: Edam cheese & 1 orange.

Drinks: 3 large herbal teas, 1 glass red wine, 2 glasses of water.

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