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Today's food

Wow, I thought I was up early yesterday morning. Today I was up at 4.07 am and sat at my desk by 4.30. This meant I could do over 3 hours OU before I went to the tutorial. Teh only problem was that when I went to wake poliphilo with a cup of tea at 7am (aren't I nice) I was full of the joys and started chatting with him straight away instead of giving him at least 2 hours and 2 cups of tea to come round.

My camera arrived this morning before I went out so I've got that to look forward to playing with too.

The tutuorial went fine. I managed to join in and answer when she asked for examples and then poliphilo though it might be a good idea to buy a complete set of Jane Austen - I really need to write on this one (if I can force myself to) so we bought a nice hard back set, plus york notes on Great Expectations and Frankenstein.

We then took a ring that my sister-in-law bought me for my birthday back to the shop as one of the stones had fallen out. As I've been wearing my wedding and engagement ring on a chain around my neck - they've been falling off my finger since I lost weight (2002) so I asked them to reduce them in size. They are both silver and were handmade at the same shop. The woman who took them off me - who actually made them almost 14 years ago booked my engagement ring down as an amethyst - it's an alexandarite and didn't recognise that they were made there. It will cost at least £18 as they'll have to take the stone out of the engagement ring, but I can pick them up next week. When I get them back I'll photograph them, on my finger, and show you what they are like.

Breakfast (No.1 at 4.15 am) Protein powder, strawberries
No. 2 at 8.15 am. 100grams chicken & 4 oatcakes

Lunch: Chargrilled chicken on ciabatta with salad (poliphilo helped me out by eating all the chips).

Evening: 6 oatcakes with 125 grams chicken.

Drinks: 3 large herbals + 3 coffees with milk. 1/2 pint slimline tonic water.

Now I'm tired but happy. It's been a really good day - I still feel quite excited and upbeat.

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