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Yesterday's food

We had a good day today. We went to see my mother-in-law's racehorses. I've got some pretty poor pictures of them to post,

This is Sintos who has had an operation on his legs where they 'stripe' the back of his front legs with cuts - I don't know why but it should help his racing.

This is Hurricaine Dipper.  Below is her newest horse - she's only had him for a few weeks and not raced him yet.  She's called him Alphagran

The person holding the horses is Shirley's trainer Anna Newton-Smith a lovely person - very much a country person with the horses, 4 or 5 dos, cats, chickens, ducks and sheep.

Breakfast:  cottage cheese & mandarin oranges

Lunch:  Liver & Bacon, courgettes & cauliflower

Evening:  Salmon & Broccoli, 2 mince pies & cream

Snacks:  1 rock cake.



My sister-in-law, Jenny and her partner Ian also came over for the evening meal. We saw them on Saturday for the exhibition in Whitechapel but it was good to see them again. The more I see them the more I like them.
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