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The Zone Diet

I've stated before that I'm taking quite a few supplements anyway but Barry Sears of the Zone diet expects his people to take Omega 3 fish oils - in fact like Atkins he insists on it. But here's the thing 4000 m per day. The usual being 650mg or 'super strength' 1000mg. I bought some, but as you can imagine, I'm getting through them pretty fast (mine are 650's so I'm taking 6 a day).  So today I wanted to go into Oldham and buy some more. 

I told poliphilo that I wanted to go to Holland & Barrett and as he isn't at all well today I suggested that I go on my own.  But no he wouldn't have that.  He came with me - me happily in the wheelchair, going slowly so that he - poor sicko - could keep up.  We went to Holland & Barrett and where, had I of been alone, I'd have mooched a bit and wandered around, he of course, turned round to come back home.

When we got home - after me keep telling him how he shouldn't have come with me, and that I would have been fine on my own - how iut would have been a change, and wouldn't do me any harm now and again to be more independent - he said "You're right I should have waited until tomorrow and sent you with Denise". 

I gave him 'a look' as I am capable of going out on my own but he won't let me.  Occasionally I 've been able to go to the Doctors alone, but he doesn't like it.  I love how protective he is of me, but .....

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