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Today's food

My weight on the 28th December was 218 lbs - it is now 210.75 lbs. I feel really good about losing weight.

Breakfast (the usual) 20 grams protein powder, 1 cup blueberries - the blueberries made it solid, it was like one of those expensive cream desserts that you can slice through with your spoon - it tastes creamy just not milky.

Lunch (went to Khadijah's) 1/2 tin tuna, tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, celery.

Evening: Salmon steak in lime & coriander dressing, 7 sprouts, green beans, 1 apple.

Snack: 4 black pepper oatcakes 15g smoked salmon.

Drinks 2 liters of water, 4 cups herbal tea.
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