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Windy weather

We had weather warnings out in the area yesterday warning of flooding - which never worries us as Oldham is on the top of a hill. But along with the rain came strong winds with gusts up to 80 mph. And being on top of a hill, we really felt them. Our Eucalyptus tree in the back yard was bending over double, luckily, poliphilo had chopped off the tallest branches or we might have brought the phone lines down too. I hate strong winds, so I got very little sleep, I don't know why I hate them but the noise of the wind in the chimney and booming down the street keep me awake. This morning it's quieted down a little - the gusts are futher apart! It's supposed to die down completely by tonight and then we just get more heavy rain. Ah well, at least we know that if we're ever flooded, there's not much of Enland left.
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