July 23rd, 2017

The Carbohydrate effect

This is likely to be a long one - you have been warned!

Friday I realised that I am still a carb-aholic - I had a few non-green carbs and that was it - I ate lots.

Yesterday we met my eldest stepson Mike and his wife, Su-Young, in Margate and all I ate were carbs - I had a vegetarian Moussaka for lunch, with 4 different salads, followed by a piece of Apple Crumble cake. Later I had a knickerbocaglory (SP?) and 3 pices of HOng Kong pineapple shortcake - present from Su who had been there for work a week or so ago - oh and a couple of bananas.

By the time we got back home, I found that I remembered how I used to feel all the time. I ached everywhere, I was exhausted and finding it hard to stay awake (not good on a 60 mile drive), and my gut felt like it was trying to burst out. I had some chicken when I got home - although carbs make me feel bad they also make me ravenously hungry - go figure. Then I had some cheese, then an apple, a banana and finally some peanut butter.

I took my tablets, made up everyone's tablets for today and went to bed - where I couldn't go to sleep in case Shirley needed help when she came up to bed. When I could go to sleep, it took me ages to get to sleep, because of the aches I found it hard to get comfortable, I had weird dreams, and this morning my every limb is heavy, I ache and I'm very tired. And this is how I used to live my life - for many years I existed on co-codamol to get me through a day at work, I was foggy, I ached - life was depressing.

This is a note to myself as much as anything. I don't want to go back there again. If this means never eating a banana or an apple or root veg, then so be it. I am so much happier/healthier on low carb/high fat and fasting. I've not weighed myself, or checked my blood sugar or ketones - what would be the point! I'm now doing a fast until Friday - when my brother-in-law will be over and celebrating his birthday and I want to feel well for that.

Thank you, if you've managed to get through this. Have a good day.