February 2nd, 2017

A Little Tongue in Cheek - but not 100%

I've also posted this to Facebook so ignore if you are a FB friend.

I read on Facebook this morning - not that I think it's true - that the Queen could legally shoot Donald Trump and it got me thinking.
If we took a group of very poor but reasonably healthy senior citizens (who we're often prisons live much better than) and taught them to shoot, the government could then use them to kill people they didn't like (US presidents and the such) - in fact we could have a shoot a politician petition page and after so many signatures they get it.

Then the senior citizen would either be dead before they were brought to trial or they would be in a place with 3 meals a day, showers, well heated etc., In fact we could set up special prisons for them - like Prison nursing homes.

Another one posted on Facebook. Food Glorious Food

I've just finished reading: Salt, Sugar, Fat - How the Food Giants Hooked Us by Michael Moss and am now reading Felicity Lawrence's Not On The Label - What Really goes into The Food on your Plate. I thought that not eating processed foods I wasn't doing too badly, but what happens to and what is in our 'fresh' food beggars belief.

I've read a lot of nutrition/diet books now - trying to work out a healthy, sustainable diet to help me lose weight, keep my blood sugar under control and possibly ease a few health problems. High Fat Low Carb has helped me to lose weight, Intermittent Fasting has also helped and given me more energy, and my blood sugar is over 80% of the time in non-diabetic levels.

I'll just get all this sorted and some b*****d will blow the world up!!