December 12th, 2015

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We made a flying visit to Manchester this week. Drove up, stayed over night in a hotel, visited my mum, back to the hotel for the night, drove back. The hotel was an Innkeeper's Lodge, very comfy, usable shower, the lot. My mum was quite cheery too. I think she's getting used to me not being around all the time, I do talk to her on skype twice a week.

In the 3 days away I put on 4 lbs, 3 of which have come off again now that I'm back to sensible eating.

I've discovered sugar free sweets. My favourites are chocolate eclairs, but a problem with dentures is that sweetener has a habit of sticking to them, so a chewy sweet causes teeth sticking together problems.

A while ago I sent my mum symptoms of fibromyalgia as she kept saying that being in the south didn't suit me as I spend a lot of time upstairs, sitting on the bed. It was to show her they signs as symptoms so that she wouldn't worry, but she showed it to my brother, who said that I'll be sitting on the bed to work out what symptom I should have next. They seem to think that CFS doesn't exist. I know better.