December 2nd, 2015

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Every two months we take Shirley to the eye hospital, she has macular degeneration and has had injections into her left eye as she had a wet bleed. This stabalised her eye sight in that eye, she is almost blind the other one. As both Shirley and I are wheelchair users I spend my time - yesterday was the shortest visit at just over an hour - sat in the car reading and Tony takes his mother in. They do a reading test, put drops in and take a scan and from there decide whether she needs an injection or not. There was talk at the end of last winter of discharging her to a specialist optician.

They have offered an operation on her right eye - it's a relatively new op - and cataract treatment for her left. I sat with her and went through it all yesterday morning, but after explaining it all to her, she then asked what we were talking about. Even if she could read the paper, she wouldn't understand it, so we don't think she should go through the hassle. Though they are going to do some sort of laser treatment in the next month or so. By the time we get there she is usually feeling sick, is it worth it?