November 21st, 2015

R & R

Since we came back from Herefordshire I've been exhausted and spent most of my time sitting on the bed - dozing in comfort - with a cat on my legs. Today is the first one that I've felt like I could possibly do 'something', and the weather is cold and wet - with snow first thing - so we cancelled plans to go and look at an anglo-saxon church and just stayed home.

~The trip away was worth it though. It is always a case of decided whether doing something is worth the time of having to rest and 'get over' it. I've told my mum that we will see her in December, but it means at least one night in a hotel on the way up to Oldham and one coming back, all to see her for a day, and then probably 5 days getting over it. Is it worth it - and the expense of petrol and hotels. Perhaps I should skype her instead.

It's not as though I'm that keen to go to Manchester - and if we are going then there are people I'd rather see - my godmother, for example, who is 2 years older than my mum (mum is 86) and has had a bad year health wise. Having had 2 mastectomies in the last 7 years and bounced back, this year she had both a duodenal ulcer and blood clots on both lungs.

It is very rare that I feel cold - especially in the house - but today I've been wearing (on and off) a jumper or a fleece. I think the hot/sweating thing is one of my tablets, Cymbalta, I know makes my fingers and toes go blue, but don't know which one affects my body temperature.