September 30th, 2011

Open University Course

I've decided that I'm well enough to do one final course and convert my BA to a BA honours degree.

So far I've done Math Foundation, Second Level Pure Maths, Approaching Literature and From Enlightment to Romanticism and Third Level Shakespeare: Text and Performance.  I also tried to do a third level course in 20th Century Art, but I wasn't up to it and also the tutor was an exam pusher instead of someone who wanted you to know more about the subject.

This time I could have bitten off more than I can chew - but there again I started with 2 GCE O levels (Cookery and English Language) and CSE grade 1 maths and grade 3 literature and had never done any Shakespeare until I did the OU course.  I'm doing EA300 Children's Literature.  This as a 57 year old - a long way from childhood - who has never had much to do with children - or been a teacher.

I've read the set books:

McGough, R (ed)      100 Best Poems for Children        
Naidoo, B      The Other Side of Truth      - not too bad
Pearce, P       Tom's Midnight Garden      - hard work
Potter, B         The Tale of Peter Rabbit    - okay
Pullman, P     *Northern Lights                 - jury's still out - I've bought the other 2 parts
Ransome, A  Swallows and Amazons    - hated it 
Reeve, P        **Mortal Engines                 - again jury's still out - I've bought the other 2 parts
Rowling, J K  *Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - have read it time and time again, since it came out.
Stevenson, R L         Treasure Island  -  read it recently and enjoyed it.

The first block is called Instruction or Delight?  We start by asking questions like:  What are children?  Adults write for children - whose view of childhood is it? What is children's literature for?  And so on.

The course actually starts tomorrow, with my first tutorial on Oct 22nd and my first assignment due on 27th October..

Wish me luck - any helpful information gratefully received.  :-))

Edited to add a couple of books that I managed to miss off:

Alcott, L M      Little Women    - so honestly moral - even the characters ask for another 'Moral tale please Mawmee'
Browne, A      Voices in the Park   - Got Marry Poppins flying through the air so it can't be all bad
Burgess, M    Junk                - hmmm, good, bad and moving.
Gavin, J          **Coram Boy  - Too much of a Mills & Bonn/Cartland for my liking.  Not gritty enough.

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