February 1st, 2010

A Busy Afternoon

We took Ourdert for her 12 week scan today.  I went in with her while Tony, poliphilo , looked after Fabrizio.  This is the first time I've ever been present at a baby scan.  I had plenty myself - at one time every alternate day - but these were for infertility.  The infertility clinic was held in the ante-natal area and we'd be sat there with all these pregnant couples and they'd be eyeing us sympathetically and we'd be keeping stum.   This was with Terrance, my first husband.

Anyway, although the doctor had told Odi that she was going to have a miscarriage anytime soon - she went to him with stomach pains - the scan showed that everything that should be there at this time - including 2 - what looked to me like - very big feet - is there and everything is working properly.  She's been given a date of 13th August.  She only had her implant out at the beginning of December, so that's not bad going.

Whenever he's around a child - especially Fabrizio - Tony overdoes it.  Today he was jumping up and down, walking Fabrizio through the hospital corridors, swinging him around and skipping for him.  He'll pay for it tomorrow.  Mind you Fabrizio at 15 months, can jump with both feet off the floor, walk backwards, walk round in a circle and jump lengthways too. 

All in all a good afternoon
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