January 29th, 2010

Studio/Express Gifts - warning

I've overpaid Studio by £40 - the goods I ordered never turned up - but I was told I had to pay each month as they had 6 weeks to deliver the goods and they would slap me with a £12 late payment fee if I didn't pay them.  I ended up filling in a dispute form and had paid 2 months by the time they agreed that the goods were lost.

They agree that I'm £40 in credit, but insist that I send proof that I paid the money - how stupid is that - I have to get receipts with 'a valid bank cashiers stamp which clearly show the amount and date the payment was made'.  As I paid through the bank online I would have to go into Manchester to sort it out - I tried over the phone but they can't help.  Anyway I've given in and have placed an order for the £40 - and then I will be closing my account with them.

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