January 9th, 2010

Good Sex is

... good.

Great Sex is better.

But sex, while important, is good -

Finding someone who you can be with 24/7 in a contented, happy way is absolutely priceless.
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Fed up with the weather now.

 The central heating has been firing all day - and for the last couple of days, trying to keep the house at 18c (64f), so thinking about the gas bill I've turned the heating down to 16c (61f) and at last it's switched off.  If we go into the kitchen - which has no heat - and leave the door open then off it goes again.  We have to try and remember to close that door.  The pipes in the kitchen are frozen, but luckily the water comes upstairs before going downstairs - although the stop tap is in the cellar - weird.

We managed to get out to do our shopping, but other than that I've not been over the doorstep since we returned from Kent on 28th December, nor has my poor father - in his case since the 27th.  My mum has taken to ringing me at least once a day to make sure that I'm okay and to let me know how they are.  My dad is coughing a lot - he has heart failure - so one of the things we got for them this week was 2 bottles of cough linctus - and frozen white fish for the dog.

My mum keeps asking me if I've got bad tempered about being shut in yet and I tell her that I've moved beyond that (for now).  She also likes to make sure that I'm not going to try and go out of anything 'silly' like that.  I tell her I'm quite grown up at the moment and have put silly things to one side - not that I won't go back to them - but going out in snow and ice doesn't really float my boat.

Yet in a few weeks we'll be off to Cern on the French/Swiss border with Ruth - she wanted to see snow she said!  Now we've decided that what we want is to sit on top of a mountain, looking at a snowy view, drinking hot chocolate and eating a big cake.  We've booked a 3 bedroom apartment - Ruth's son, my nephew, Matthew, is doing his doctorate at Cern so hopefully we'll see a lot of him and maybe even get to have a look around the Hadron Collider's home.

Oh - and my nose is cold - and it's my bedtime (7.30pm)
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